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Eunice Ulicny

Eunice is the inspiration for this bar and the mother of Andrea Chapin, owner of Andy's Place. Eunice was a caring, sweet woman whose life was full of servitude and warmth, making sure the people around her were cared for and happy. She always greeted you with a smile, a beer, a shot and made you feel at home. Andy's Place is intended to embody Eunice, always doing our best to serve and create an environment that will keep our customers full and happy and coming back for more!

Wilma Chapin

Wilma was a fierce woman and the mother of William Chapin, Andrea's husband and co-owner. She was the one that allowed Andy's Place to come to fruition. While raising two adopted sons as a single mother, she showed how to be courageous and never back down from a challenge. Not only did she work full time, as well as being a single parent, she went to graduate school all while being frugal. She gave her son and daughter-in-law the opportunity to follow their dreams in owning a business one day. Andy's Place exists because of her!

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